Business Communication Training Content

Duration: 2 days

Objectives or Session Outcome:

By the end of this session trainees will:

  • Learn vital skills required for effective business communication
  • Understand what is assertiveness and how does one become assertive at workplace
  • Learn to compose mails with appropriate tone and content suitable for workplace
  • Understand the key principles of effective time management and learn practical skills ofplanning and goal setting

Training Content:

Day 1:

  1. Introduction
    1. Icebreaker
    2. Setting expectations
    3. Discuss objectives of the session
  2. The art and science of effective communication
    1. Structuring communication
      1. Stating objectives clearly
      2. KISS – keeping it short and simple
      3. Rapport building
      4. Understanding the audience
    2. Polish your listening skills
      1. What is active listening?
      2. How good are your listening skills? (Exercise)
      3. Barriers to effective listening
      4. Ways to improve listening skills
    3. Power of body language
      1. Posture
      2. Gestures
      3. Facial expressions
      4. Eye contact
    4. Vocalics – Pitch, tone, volume and rate of speech
    5. Perception and barriers to communication
    6. Paraphrasing – what is it and why is it importantDay 2

Day 2:

Review Day 1

  1. Assertive communication
    1. Identify 3 modes of communication
    2. Why is assertiveness important at workplace?
    3. Self assessment questionnaire to identify individual communication style
    4. How do you acquire the skills for assertive communication
  2. Written communication:
    1. Writing concise E-mails
    2. Do’s & Don’ts
    3. Netiquette
    4. Practice Session

Presentations, video clips, role plays and exercises/ activities will be used as training aids to deliver the program.